Mewithoutyou - In A Market Dimly Lit lyrics

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The bird that plucked the Olive Leaf<br />

(has) been circlin' like a record 'round the spindle of my mind<br />

Where the needle's worn the grooves too deep,<br />

And scratched the wax that's blistered from the heat besides.<br />

From any movement in the room -<br />

If my cat walked by the arm skipped<br />

But to my surprise, my interrupting cat improved<br />

The sound already so severely compromised.<br />

<br />

The needle's worn the grooves too deep. (x4)<br />

<br />

I'm a donkey's jaw on a desert dune<br />

Beside the bush that Moses saw<br />

That burned and yet was not consumed!<br />

She's the silver coin I lost!<br />

I'm the sheep who slipped away!<br />

We pray the fingers crossed,<br />

But you listen patiently anyway.<br />

<br />

I wrote a little song for you<br />

With a melody I'd borrowed put to words that didn't rhyme<br />

To repeat what you already knew,<br />

As the stones thrown at your window tapped in syncopation.<br />

You kept a distance out of fear you'd break,<br />

But what good's a single windchime hanging quiet all alone?<br />

The music our collisions would make<br />

Is the sound that turns "the road that leads us back home"<br />

Into "home."<br />

<br />

The music our collisions make! (x4)<br />

<br />

I had a rusty spade, but I'm not the fighting sort!<br />

If I was Samson I'd have found that harlot's blade<br />

And cut my own hair short!<br />

Then, in a market dimly lit, I'd come casually to pay:<br />

"You see, my coins are counterfeit.<br />

Would you accept them anyway?"<br />

<br />

So spare me your goodbyes,<br />

Your waving-handkerchief goodbyes!<br />

Given my tendency to err so on the sentimental side,<br />

I will spare you my goodbyes.<br />

The truth belongs to G-d!<br />

The mistakes were mine.

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