Mewithoutyou - I Never Said I Was Brave lyrics

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You might sleep, but you'll never dream<br />

<br />

Onward! Progress! Or so it seems.<br />

You might laugh, but you'll never smile.<br />

Come on in and waste away awhile.<br />

<br />

When dreams of rings of flowers fade and blur<br />

Giving way to that familiar ill<br />

Come over and part your soft white curtains<br />

Where I'm waiting for you still<br />

If you'd unlatch the window,<br />

If you'd let me lay there on your floor<br />

If you'd give me another chance,<br />

If you'd forget the pain I caused before<br />

No use in saying how I'm sorry<br />

So I'm trying not to speak<br />

I'll sing in silence, lay beside you<br />

With my face there on your cheek<br />

My stomach swears there's comfort there<br />

In the warmth of the blankets on your bed<br />

My stomach's always been a liar-<br />

I'll believe it's lies again.

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