Mewithoutyou - Four Word Letter lyrics

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I wrote a four word letter, with post script, in crooked lines,<br />

"Tho I'd lived I'd never been alive."<br />

You know who I am<br />

You held my hem as I traveled<br />

Blind listening to a whispering in my ear,<br />

Soft, but getting stronger,<br />

Telling me the only purpose of my being here is to stay a<br />

Bit longer.<br />

So I stole a bicycle chain,<br />

The handlebars crashed to the ground,<br />

The back wheel detached from the frame,<br />

It kept rolling, but aimlessly drifting around<br />

<br />

Oh, doubters, let's go down<br />

Won't you come on down to the river to pray?<br />

"But I'm so small i can barely be seen.<br />

How can this great love be inside of me?"<br />

Look at your eyes,<br />

They're small in size, but they see enormous things.<br />

<br />

Wearing black canvas slippers in that frog-on-a-lily-pad<br />

Pose.<br />

We sewed buttons and zippers to pink chinese silk<br />

And olive night clothes.<br />

If you can omeday stop by somehow we'll show you<br />

The pictures & fix you some tea.<br />

<br />

(See, my dad's getting a bit older now, and just<br />

Unimaginable lonely)<br />

<br />

Oh, pretenders, let's go down.<br />

Won't you come on down to the river and pray?<br />

"But I'm so afraid," or "I'm set in my ways"<br />

But he'll make the rabbits and rocks sing his praise<br />

"But I'm so tired, I won't last long."<br />

No, he uses weak things to overcome the strong!<br />

Oh Amanda, let's go down<br />

<br />

Mama, nana, won't you come on down to the river and<br />

Pray?<br />

A wick to fit the wax,<br />

Wood to fit the wire<br />

You strike the match<br />

<br />

Why not be utterly changed to fire?<br />

To sacrifice the shadow and the mist of a brief life you<br />

Never mich liked<br />

If you'd care to come along we're gonna curb all our never<br />

Ending,<br />

Clever complaining (as who's ever heard of a singer<br />

Criticized by his song?)<br />

We hunger, but through all that we eat brings us a little<br />

Relief<br />

We don't know quite what else to do,<br />

We have all our beliefs,<br />

But we don't want our beliefs,<br />

God of peace,<br />

We want you.

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