Mewithoutyou - Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt lyrics

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Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt. <br />

<br />

"As we melt let's make no noise <br />

Oh the profanation of our love <br />

To tell the world our passing joys! <br />

And we, besides, care less to miss <br />

Our eyes and lips and hands." <br />

<br />

(but honey, I'm not who you think I am!) <br />

<br />

"And so you'll be to me <br />

Who must obliquely run <br />

"thy firmness makes my circle just, <br />

And makes me end where I begun" <br />

There's nothing wrong <br />

As I'll be somewhere singing all along." <br />

<br />

(no! tell me, where have you gone, my love.)

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