Mewithoutyou - bullet to Binary (pt. Two) lyrics

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and, dying, we reply

lowering our basket down into the open bed

of the fruit truck passing by

as we smile at each other,

me and my Cantaloupe Friend

cast our cares as a couple of Pears

set a Blueberry garland on Apple’s head

who threw our half-baked fears

like a wooden shoe in the windmill gears

the turning stopped - we clearly saw:

the flaw is in that which finds the flaw!

while Strawberry says to Tangerine:

my face is red

but our hats are green

yours, the orchard,

mine the curling vine...

there is One Sun for us all

Ya subhannallah

hayyul Qayyum

Subhannallahi Amma Yassifun

Sallalah wallah Muhammad (Sal.)

Ya Rabbi sali alaihi wa salim

Lettuce grows in neatly sectioned

beds and rows

but one days asked the Gardener

to be moved to where the Eggplant grows

the reason being, I must confess,

I adore her shiny, purple dress!

as Eggplant listened in,

she wasn’t offended

she wasn’t impressed

while Potato called from underground:

you’ve got it all turned upside-down…

does the Rain that’s sent each spring anew

to fall on her not fall on you?

you project on her your inward scenes,

she’s a blank, external movie screen

while the One who looks out from your eyes

looks through hers and looks through mine

we all well know

we’re gonna reap what we sow

so may I old-fashionably suggest

the Unmarried not undress?

we all well know

we’re gonna reap what we sow

we all well know what kind of crops are gonna grow

from each time you disrespect your parents

oh, you’d better hope we don’t hear it!

we who know: you’re gonna reap what you sow

we all well know,

we’re gonna reap what we sow

but Grace, we all know,

can take the place of all we owe

so why not let’s Forgive



e v e r y t h i n g

a l l t h e t i m e ?

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