Mewithoutyou - Bullet To Binary lyrics

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Let us die, Let us die<br />

Then dying we reply,<br />

Oh don't you tell us <br />

About your suffering,<br />

Now look in our eyes-<br />

Look in our eyes.<br />

Let us be, Let us be<br />

Our closeness is such that<br />

Where ever she rests her head<br />

In the softness underneath,<br />

She'll feel me and you'll <br />

Feel me<br />

<br />

Je leverai les yeux a toi- <br />

J'ai change cent foi de nom <br />

Je leverai les yeux a toi- <br />

Je n'ai pas d'espoir. <br />

<br />

When you laugh you'll feel<br />

My breath there filling up <br />

Your lungs. And when you cry <br />

Those aren't your tears but Im <br />

There falling down your cheek.<br />

And when you say you love him<br />

Taste me, Im like poison on<br />

Your tongue. But when your <br />

Tired, if your quiet, you'll <br />

Hear me singing you to sleep.

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