Mewithoutyou - Blue Hen lyrics

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Fire’s of the light house burnin’ down

Waters on south, sleepin’ throw the day

Astray on the night all berry insane

Mirror come again, sick and scared

Bubble on the back sit, so called scars

Black ball, lightin’ car

I don’t care who you are

Fire’s of the light house sounds gettin’ hard

Hard beyond the cure


Just where this fly sting, this real get somethin’

Why they must come after you, don’t stop

When you will arrive? Will stop and look pie still

You already know why you come

We should throw some _______(?)

Transition round the stage and you have it from years

You still communicate, aggressive some time

Cuz it’s almost read and roabin’ throw much rise

Have too much to ask

To read it, it’s just a past

Shelter from the storm

4 in the mornin’, we rest

And current the ____(?) dress and count it just to survive

And wake in the moonlight like pagers on midnight

To friends made in front of somewhere

You know where to find us, our past years behind us

Bare foot and ______(*?)

Our joy was electric, our soul goes concentric

And burnin’ on statues of permanence

There were there’s must things on

No more talkin to what you pray

Ask the ships extrusion brick

You’ll see exactly where we go

Your Light House is blocked

But you burn in sun, may block up and lock

When you sound throw the door

In the way you’ll rap out the ____(?)

Get’s so mad, mad and massive on shadow divided by 0

Come from your family

With words like eternity and friends makin’ factory somewhere

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