Mewithoutyou (Me Without You)

Mewithoutyou (Me Without You) - C-Minor

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our house wrapped in disrepair,

a small mouse peeked out from a hole beneath the stairs

nearby to where my dad sat in his favorite chair,

thinking about the gov't and muttering a prayer

so I scattered some oats in hopes she'd stay

and sat still to stop from scaring her away-

but she hurried on her little way

and scurried around my mind

ever since,

every day

open wide my door, my Lord

to whatever makes me love You more

I'm water, you're the dry wood

equal parts misguided and misunderstood

but all the neighborhood

watched a fire burn from where they stood

as the smoke said

"we're not half as bad as G-d is good"

still there's a whisper in my ear,

the voice of lonliness and fear, so I say:

"devil, disappear!

I'm still (ehh...technically...) a virgin

after 27 years-

which never bothered me before,

what's maybe 50 more?"

she came back for the oats

but she brought along a "friend"

(this never ends)

the harder the rain,

the lower the flowers in the garden bend

(this never ends)

I'd rather never talk again

than to continue to pretend

that this never ends

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