Metronomy - Back On The Motorway

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I went and messed around with her heart<br />

So now she's run off with my car<br />

But I can't live without her<br />

(and it's so hard to take)<br />

So I've set off out to find her<br />

I'm back on the motorway<br />

<br />

Chorus:<br />

At this wheel I'd drive the earth for her<br />

Every carriageway a mile for her<br />

These five gears and wheels could drive to her<br />

But this carriageway can't take me there<br />

<br />

Drivin' at ninety miles per hour<br />

It's hard to know what's comin'<br />

Then on the horizon<br />

Something makes me brake<br />

I can see me darlin' ahead on the motorway<br />

(I can see us dying on the bonnet of a chevrolet)<br />

So why's my baby lying on the side of the motorway<br />

<br />

(I wish that I had never said the things that I'd told her today)<br />

'Cos now she's left me crying on the shoulder of the motorway<br />

<br />

Chorus<br />

<br />

Sax solo!!!!

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