Metasyons - Blackman

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When I was young my mother said I could be anything. President, a ball player, Martin Luther, many dreams.

When an adolescent you throw your hat in to many things, With no money, you have it by any means. Niggas start hustling, some of them ain't seen a job. People sick of struggling these are the ones we seem to rob.

In my state unemployment is on the rise,

so is the crime rate and you people act so surprised. Listen up, you become a product of your environment, prayin to see tomorrow,no thought I have retirement.

The average blackman with no college education won’t make it to 25 or is facing incarnation.

Don’t you get it man? A prison is now a plantation, making license plates for modern day slave wages.

They praying that you fuck up, to put you in that cell box, orange jump suit with white shell tops. Bails is not a option, avoid that fate, take you some classes,get it degree not perception on their asses.

The only way thing we get better as if we make them that. This one life you can’t take it back, face the facts.

I ain’t try to preach, just reach maybe one soul.

Black man wake up and take control, Don’t fall to the negative thoughts your boys hold. They will constantly bring you down, try to shit on your goals.

At the end of the day it's up to you to make a difference within your community and offer some assistance, or you continue to lower the black population discrediting our intelligence, what an abomination.

Gotta stay around for the children and ovulation, before the crack epidemic one man is to blame... Ragen!

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