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Metal Church - They Signed In Blood lyrics

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[D. Wayne / K. Vanderhoof]

We will not follow Rome

The twisting of our faith

With the hand of God

You wrote the new light

The queen has decreed

You must believe like me

So it is written so it shall be

So it shall be

So the list was captured

And it's time for us to die

Following their orders

To enforce the lie

Village by village

Township by town

Hung drawn and quartered

Some where slowly drowned

They signed in blood

Proclaimed their faith

They signed in blood

And sealed their fate

Cause if your gonna die, die for what you believe in

There' s more to this world than meets the eye

The riders are coming the hoofbeats are thumping

The spectre of death leads the way

The queen has decreed the spiritual seed

Will be crushed out this day

And those who have signed be killed by the blind

The soldiers who'll slay

Thge names are above still written in blood

Are there to this day

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