Meshuggah - Swarm

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<b>Swarm</b> by <i>Meshuggah</i><br />

Insectine man, carnivore. The shape of us, the conduct of flies

All-consuming swarm in inconspicuous disguise

Bloodseeking, parasitic. Ecstatically tracing decay

Thriving in the glow that death emits, the warm perfume it radiates

Revolting conformity. Hive mind unity

Excitedly their madness grind, aroused by vile ambition

At the sickly sweet promise of decomposition

Deliriously ingesting. Liquefied ruin absorbed

Innocence devoured by the elated horde

They are us, let's not even pretend

Aroused and frenzied they scurry, encircling death

A vile swarm awaiting the final breath

Myriad eyes visualizing the end

Blackened skies. Rabid heavens descend

On the bereft, unforgivingly

Precious life debased. Our dipteran legacy embraced

Crack the shell. Ascend the sky

Rise, extend your palpitating wings

Crack the shell. Ascend the sky

Fly you disgraceful wretched things

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