Meshuggah - Straws Pulled At Random

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What solace lies in the arms of fate

The ill embrace of uncertainty

When did I leave this in other hands

To be pulled down at chance

Ripped away by destiny-claws

Am I another of fate's possessions

Dwelling the lie of freedom

Just another straw pulled at random

Reclaimed by deceiving time

A silent judgment I can not overrule

Drawn back into the origin-vortex

Uprooted and ground to dust

Retracted into anti-existence

A magnet repelled by life's polarity

Denied the self control of fate

we flow suspended in semi-life

Until the ever imminent day

when oblivion claims our breath

Nowhere indefinitely. Not dead, not alive

Existence-patterns ripped of symmetry.

As will and fate divide

Have I appeased the gods of fate

Am I allowed another day

Must I die to escape

the scanning eyes of death

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