Meshuggah - New Millenium Cyanide Christ?

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I'm A Carnal, Organic Anagram.

Human Flesh Instead Of Written Letters.

I Rearrange My Pathetic Tissue.

I Incise.

I Replace.

I'm Reformed.

I Eradicate The Fake Pre-Present Me.

Elevate Me To A Higher Human Form.

The Characters I Am,

Made Into A Word Complete,

Then I'll Be The New Norm.

Self Inflicted Fractures.

I Replace My Bones With Bars;

Aluminum Bleeding Oxide;

The Drug Of Gods Into My Pounding Veins

(A Human Puzzle For All To Scorn.

No Face.

No Back.


My Scarred Edition I'll Display;

The Organic Word For Nothingness)

My Receiving Eyes Exchanged With Fuses;

Blindness Induced To Prevent Destruction.

Ceramic Blades Implanted Past My Ribs To Save Me From The Dues Of Inhalation.

I Tear My Worldly Useless Skin.

Staples To Pin It Over My Ears.

Non-Receptive Of Ungodly Sounds -

I Disable The Audio-Generators Of Fear.

Hexagonal Bolts To Fill My Mouth,

Sharpened To Deplete The Creator Of All Violence;

Without Speech There Will Be No Deceit

(My Feet I Crush. The Flesh I Cut Away,

So As To Not Produce The Sound Of Their Presence On Rotten Ground)

Baptized In Vitriolic Acid.

A Final Touch.

A Smoothing Of Features.

Completion Of The Greatest Art;

To Cast The Godly Creatures.

Humans, Once Astray;

Made Divine.

Stripped Of Congenital Flaws.

We're Incandescent Revelations In A World Of Darkened Forms.

(Confide In My New Age Dogma.

Swallow The Indoctrination.

You'll Come To Love It Here,

The Suicidal Atmosphere.

Let Me Into Your Common Mind.

I'll Plant My Thoughts Into Its Soil.

Walk Among Us Self-Made Gods,

Deified Through The Pains Of Self Torture)


Come Join With Me To Save A Failed Humanity.

Follow The God Of Cyanide Into The New Eternity.

Behold; A Sacrificial Rase A Cleansing Worshipping Of Pain.

The New Millenium Christ Here To Redeem All From Lies

(I've Come To Save You All. I've Come To Light Your Way)

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