Meshuggah - Electric Red

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Humanity peeled from our bones Deprived of integuments that make us real. Shadows of flesh to maintain the system Our own blood splashes as we kneel. So meticulously machined Into these obedient devices - Puppets, finetuned submissive drones Replicas of each other, clones We're dormant accumulations of flesh In a crimson filtered twilight Mute witnesses to the game Wrenches to keep the bolts of lies tight We're the fabric concealing the stains, The red tainted existence The gullibles to bless your sins away Rags to wipe your blooded trails We give in to the atrophy, To the twining of self-thought knowledge The purpose of the human mind reviled Everlasting ignorance realized The scarlet flood inundates our powerless thoughts Defenseless minds with lies overfed Every thought stained, defiled - Painted the color, the shade of electric red

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