Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire - Neutron Cameras Vs. Smuggled Nuclear Bombs

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I was abandoned last night without a way home stuck in a desert with only you above me I'm sorry I turned my back, back on you so many times I'm standing right here asking you to accept my apology Not everyone we know has faith in you but we all know where they'll go in the end Come on, let's go and break these chains I need your help my sweet God Here lately I've abandoned me, get up decide, get up decide, well I won't know my God she abandoned me, get up and fight, get up and fight I need you! Well it's been two years now, am I wasting her time, God I know that you can help me with all my problems It's been over a year and a half, am I wasting her time, there's been a lot of things on my mind and I know that you can help me I'll bleed for you just like you bled for me I'm in a home with nothing more than a bed Won't you help me? Lonely child don't be afraid don't be afraid only love disintegrates the soul and turns your streets to gold I sit here smoking these cigarettes so hear this out O my god I'm dying to know if this panic setting in is a good excuse to step away from you to break me, get up and fight, I said get up and fight, well I need your help, and just break me down, go on I need your help, God let's go help me, BREAK ME!!!!

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