MELANIE FIONA - I Want It All lyrics

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They say don't mean to hide

The fall is much greater

Don't live for now

You can do it later

Don't take the risk

You'll be much safer

That's what they say


Well, I've never been one for the rules

I see no limit to what I can do

I'm up for the challenge in spite of you

It's not me, then who?


And I want it all

Want it all

Nothing is too big or too small

I want it all

Want it all

I won't accept impossible

I'll be more than happy to wait

Then to settle today

I want it all

(Verse 2)

They say don't shine too bright

Keep your light to a minimum

Don't speak your mind

No one's really listening

Don't be the change

you won't make the difference

That's what they say


Tell me I'm crazy, tell me I'm blind

But don't put a ceiling on how high I fly

I'll paint in colours outside your likes

I wanna live till I die


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