MELANIE FIONA - I Tried lyrics

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I tried bein' good, but it neva worked

But if I follow truce, there was no way I get hurt

But every time I let my guard down

I just let my heart down, oh

I could give until you're back down

Run me dry till I tap out, ooh oh

I could really use some sleep,

But u still won't let me rest

Must've fallen way too deep

No I'm drownin' so blessed

No-one said it would be easy

Luv isn't for the weak

But even in my strongest

You're the one I can't defeat, oh oh

I tried bein' good, but it neva worked

See, I was playin' with fire

When I should just let it burn

What's the use of bein' good?

In luv, there is no peace

Hey, hey! Might as well be the bad

Maybe then I'd find relief

I tried, I tried, baby, u know that I tried

I don't know why I gave u my best

Yes, I did, yes, I did

I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried

Oh, I tried

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