MELANIE FIONA - Bite The Bullet lyrics

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The first time u shut me down I was grazed

Second round was neva found, ricocheted

Nowhere to run, I was stunned in a daze

A victim of a luv I can't escape

I remember when u said u luvd me

Three little words that burned into my soul

Maybe u didn't mean those things u told me

Maybe u didn't really mean those words at all


I'll bite the bullet

I'll do it in the name of luv

I guess I'll bite the bullet

Or stop playin' with loaded guns

Stop playin' with loaded guns

(Verse 2)

What do u want from me?

Baby what u want from me?

You think u have the ability to luv 2 women equally

Well I don't have the energy to fight for your exclusivity

Cause I remember when u said u luvd me

That's why it's so damn hard to let you go

Did u mean them things u told me?

Did u eva really luv me at all?



All this back and forth, what is it for?

The silent games, the tug of war

Wish I could break down ur walls

Be the one u call, catch u when you fall

Brick by brick, I thought that we could build again

But now I know this is the end


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