Megan Nicole

Megan Nicole - Into The Fire

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Drowin’ slowly In these chains I build

Wrapped tight, held by, insecurities

Grow up, don't dream

Be anythin’ but you

Stay within these lines I can't live like this

(Pre Chorus)

Holdin’ on for a change but I just can't move

Breakin’ from my skin finally pushin’ throw


Standin’ into the fire

Walkin’ the wire

Sheddin’ light on certainties

Comin’ on stronger

I'm gonna conquer all the possiblities

Uuuh, uuh

Illuminatin’ all I see,

Uuuh, uuh

Gonna change reality


Lookin’ back on what I used to be

An image one scattered that never felt complete

(Pre Chorus) + (Chorus x 2)

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