Megamasso - M Of Beauty lyrics

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Some, raise the anxiety night, I had my will.

Also, want to realize the song.

Times, stifling hour,

I had to spend?

Besides 出Takunai hard enough.

Even now, I have closed my mind.

The moment you leave to go left.

Still waiting in long 此処.

And when you came back, keep the destiny again.

Still tied up in front of the piano.

I, and 創Renaku nothing.

施津 beautiful Zutsu care remain troubled.

During the night three, the most difficult time.

Get over it the song "M of Beauty".

Yet, I had lost confidence

Chance to reunite with you.

Starts moving So, standing in gear.

You are the next to last, the other can not stop fate.

Already alluded, before the piano.

I really knew.

施津 beautiful, I also have one each.

"If you wait, the good" What,

Always, always wanted.

Yes, heralded destiny.

I also sing in front of the piano.

創Ritaku I have something.

Beautiful music,

Because I live for it.<br />

<br />

Thanks to razvan

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