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Meek Mill - Wanna Know (Drake Diss) lyrics

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I just wanna know how niggas go to jail

Tellin’ `em niggas come back home and it still banck coop

I just wanna know how niggas on Instagram, Twitter with fifty thousand fallows

Ain’t got no money in real life

Still poppin’, I just wanna know

I wanna know

For nigga ain’t really puttin’ here

But actin’ lke you puttin’ in here

Niggas start learn to fly, niggas cool

I really wanna know man

Shakin’ different and get all this spooky

Now, when they doin’ they crusin’ round to check

Ain’t no wallies on my chany, give respect

So did you tell me you a pussy in a fam

Said you round since you have the shooters at your neck

I just wanna know, if you ain’t ride that ride throw the six shit

Callest to the floor, we runnin’ throw the six with

Runnin’ throw the streets in my runs

Countin’ oney in our hally goes

All the really live forever baby

And the fake get it spokin’

Did it right for you cuz you know you never did shit

When I do that I just try to keep the beef in

We the choppers nigga, tight `em up

Fuck since they in the buisiness they hit your brother up

Pussy you really sweet I caught your buter cup

You fuckin’ dog you cannot stop me just cuz you study us

Comin’ with the same floor, switchin’ up your lango

Switchin’ up and refil, this ain’t who pay for

Every time that we come, we get what we came for

Spendin’ other nigga shit why do you play with K. No?

I just wanna know x 2

How these niggas actin’ like they trip a little fake

And people actin’ like they go

I just wanna know x 2

Was a queen Milly, was it hashin’, was it D. Time,

Will you really got your flow

Money makin’ fake, real nigga look relagan

Money look that sucker, that goal look

Send a lot of bottle to people to fillin’ it

But I’mma tell your bitch ass nigga with reality

Heard that other nigga talkin’

We ain’t get back then

Let’s keep it short

You ain’t get your chick right back yet

And now she rockin’ with that chains

You know, you miss that check

You want for click, put the butter on, you miss that check

I gotta take `em off of here

I say

I gotta take `em off of here

It’s only one and that’s me


Before I left fightin’...

That sucker think he good, that sucker think he want me

I know you came with me, I ...

Hey boy, nigga whole stalest champ

You udnerstand, they come to me,

So let me get mine at first

And after I get money you can do what you wanna do

You know you fuked up right?

You shoulda just say nothin’

Npw you gonna have to give me a check to stop

All lies plottin’ that, plottin’ this

Me whilin’ with a copper with a plottin’ chick

I gotta plottin’ rollie, plottin’ wip,

Niggas rise, I tell the truth

Don’t ask me shit, all they sendin’ you killers and rappin’ shit

Is never relly my style, we got catch to get

I really started for nothin’ now it’s back to shit

Puffy I was caught at the Maffy when you smack that bitch

Order, let that bitch breath

I just call, poppin shit,

This no cut on me, this no cut on me

Have your feelings get already feel like oh,

That’s an an _________(?)

No this is the truth and the truth hurts

Have I no pay my dues?

You let the homie piss on you

We ain’t forget it,

Reall niggas back and style, the shit is real

This that Jamu shit on fifty sit

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