Meek Mill

Meek Mill - Street 2 Dirt Vlog lyrics

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I come straight from the ghetto, I’m prolly hard as a ...

And I’m thankful as ever that we ain’t all on the corner

Dirt from death in the system, get around with the whistle

Cut these suckers is foul, they disrespect us we hit em

Niggas claiming they real, they wishing they gain official

They got the the field, the nigga back on his grizzle

Go out with them hammers, my niggas all in the slammer

Niggas want catch me slippin, but I don’t walk on banana

All my t shirt ...velcrow and no I don’t sound go

But I spit that raw shit, it’s like I sound coke

Put money on head nigga, like right where the shell go

Got one in the chamber yeah we all point like an elbow

Bullet proof range when I come and shoot thangs

Hit em close range, let em feel the blue flame

Hate when I buy a new car, new chain

And I don’t never fuck nobody else and talk to lou chain

Real nigga come first.

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