Meek Mill

Meek Mill - She Don't Know lyrics

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Ft. Ty Dolla Sign


She my fo' sure chick

Still tryna get sum' mo' chicks

Might end up with no chick

If my bitch find out but

What she don't know won't hurt her

What she don't know won't hurt her

What she don't know won't hurt her

What she don't know won't hurt her

Ya ya

(Verse: Meek Mill)

I fell in love with my side bitch

And its funny cos' she wasn't even my bitch

Fly shit had her open like a locksmith

She was nominated for the best to eva ride dick

Well she that girl, but a side bitch

And ya won't eva catch me with a t.h.o.t. bitch

California I'm up at Toxic

Smokin' on bomb shit, looking for a dime bitch

Cos' I ain't with the nonsense

I don't spend no money, ain't got no time spent

On these ho ass bitches that ain't got shit

Cos' that'll be the same ho to run their mouth quick

And if my girl find out she might hurt us

That pussy ain't worth gettin' murdered

I hope ya keep it on the low, I might just give ya dick and dough

I hope that she don't eva know


(Verse 2: Ty Dolla $ign)

Just had sex with a blasian

She ain't my bitch but she think it

She be cookin' and cleanin'

She got her nails done and her feet did

She think I don't know nothin'

Her ex figure got a new phone number

Put her up in sum' new shit

With her best friend

Then I burn rubber on a bitch like Joe

Why a bitch gon' tell me no

She ain't got no panties on

She came ready to go


(Outro: Ty Dolla $ign)

I'm grindin' on ya, ya grindin' on me I'm all in yo shit

I'm feelin' like money, ya feelin' that drank, ya feelin' this dick

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