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Meek Mill - Main lyrics

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feat. Jeremih


I got my main bitch and it’s all I need

Do it on your knees hoer

Got my side bitch she sent from overseas

You ain't got these hoer

It ain't nothin’ couple hundred on her jeans

You ain't never seen no

I'm a rich boy stuntin' on them D's

You ain't ridin’ these ho


I gotta main bitch, I got a side bitch

And my side bitch so bad I ain't got to hide shit

I got a main bitch I got a side bitch

And my main bitch the one who I'ma ride with


Okey we fuck up the city we hit the town and we dip

You nigga know how we rockin we thirty roundin the clip

I got a crown on my noggin and got a crown on my wrist

You ever catch me in Philly I'm rollin round in a six

I'm rollin around with your hoer I know you probably be sick

But if you lay off them bitches nigga you probably get rich

But if you know me you know I'm fly as the pilot could get

The plane big as a crib I got my squad in this bitch

I got my main in this hoer, I got my side on the bench

I'm thirty thou in the air try to decide what to hit

And I'm the man of the year she switchin side for the clique

She want to be on the scene she tryin to be on the team

(Hook) + (Bridge)


Standin on this Wraith doing the Shmoney dance

Rollie on the left 30 in the other hand

I send my niggas where your mother land

Try to creep up in your window just like a main man

Where the money, hundred bands?

Fuck nigga you'll never understand

I got bitches overseas poppin pussy suckin’ dick and turnin up way in Belize nigga please

Got a main bitch I got a side bitch

I got a ho I pay monthly just to ride dicks

You see my chain glist, that cost me 5 bricks

Cuz I’ll be mixin’ diamonds flashin’ make her eyes twitch

(Hook) + (Bridge)

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