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Meek Mill - Im Leanin lyrics

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Ft. Travi$ Scott, Birdman & Diddy

[Intro: DJ Drama]

Studies say humans forget 90% of their dream

Upon the first 10 minutes of waking

They say most people don't even remember

99% of the dreams they ever even had

As dream chasers we're the exception

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]

Hundred grand large on the watch, blessed

Quarter mil for the Mulsanne, flex

All my niggas gon' cash checks

And all y'all niggas look mad stressed

And we ain't even made niggas mad yet

Cause next time I grab, I'm a grab jet

I might go Bugatti, with a bad bitch beside me

Nigga hotter than Wasabi, get that ass wet

Young niggas going hard in the streets

We ain't ever know to call the police

Got birds for the twenty five K

Sounds like a bargain to me

Young niggas getting money

In the Bent, leather looking like spalding to me

And I don't know what no line look like

Hundred bad bitches gettin' all in with me

Get 'em all in for free

Started, started with a quarter ounce of hard rock

And now I got a lot of cars

If a nigga talk the foreigns, got a car lot

And everybody talkin' money

But they ain't showing numbers like the call block

And all I do is count money

Fuck pretty ass hoes, and car shop

[Hook: Meek Mill]

Yeah nigga I'm leanin', leanin'

Young rich nigga, I'm leanin'

Puffin' on strong, getting gold, bad bitches

Looking like Nia Long I mean it

Nigga I'm leanin', leanin'

Young rich nigga, I'm leanin'

Sippin' on promethazine that nigga

My team got money all season

Nigga I'm leanin'

[Verse 2: Travis Scott]

Mmm, leanin' -- damn near spilled my semen (straight up)

Had a twenty-twenty my preacher wife

Damn near see my demons (La Flame!)

Loose furs, hyenas

For the love of money, it's a leaner

Vatos losing their nerves, as a bird niggas on the curbs, let 'em put a cape and did a Macarena

H-town niggas spilled Peach Crush on my jeans

Never go far with no bitch with no condoms

Unless they can cover the lease on my beamer (straight up)

Ahh, you know, Louboutins don't touch my hoes

Let's go down in Ibiza town

We get cold, you don't need no coat

Motherfucker, I'm leanin'

Don't talk to me, couple street niggas

Think twice before crossing me

Meek, these niggas shit can't last that long

Why these motherfuckers keep bothering me

I'm leanin', for a minute you had me

Then the second I caught it when it passed me

Oh no (straight up)

Somebody pass me a blunt and a double world cup

Motherfucker, motherfucker...


[Outro: Birdman]

See we started trap, before we was rap

And then we was, trappin' at rap

Shining on these hoes, high life

This what we live now

Blowin' out the pop

Italian on the flow nigga

You understand me

Stepping onto a mil nigga

(They say money rule the world

You can't pay God with it)

Step your game up nigga

Or lose your bitch nigga

It's just that simple


Yeah, we dreamchasers

We out there gettin' this money

So you can't fuck with everybody

Cause everybody ain't at you motherfucking level

So the motherfuckers that don't understand you

They wind up motherfucking hating you

So you know what you gotta do

You gotta hate those motherfuckers too

Fuck them niggas

Fuck they motherfucking mommmas

They daddies, they aunts, they uncles

And they little tee tees, too

Ayo, suck a dick

Meek Mill, let's get it

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