Meek Mill

Meek Mill - Ice Cream (Freestyle) lyrics

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The revolution shall be televised

Cuz yeah, it's all about us, so ^&*() at the otha side

Gotta get kilt on camera for us to come alive

What we did already for all this homicide

And my sal hangin' from the rope

When you get less time for rape than for sellin' dope

When you get the same time fo' dope that you do with murder

And this intel guilty, guilty the verdict

Befo' you even started to holla, no, we ain't notice

Cuz we just go to war with ourselves ova that coapin'

And niggas tryna hurt us, lock us so far in the mountains

Could get no service, and our fams couldn't service us

It's ah, fire, we fight this war with the silencer

Y'all gracin' the Lamborghini with the Challenger

And the feds gon' follow us, labroids and terrorists

And (?) try to bottom us

And we climb the media, the lot of us

Nobody really speakin' on em court rooms that bodied us

Labeled us as hooligans, who carry em we movin' it

Kids barely eatin' at that table with that tuna fish

Brush yo (?) ordered to neuter us

Dinner time, I was at the corner meetin' Lucifer

Who's (?) the car when he copped the one you're in


(Verse 2)

Talk to these mighies and I told em keep their head up

And when you touchdown stay focused and get yo bread up

Cuz when you gettin' to it, the beat will be gettin' fed up

They ban brand new (?) to make ya bed up

You the head, don? Been the whale

Certain guns ain't good fo' ya, don't bring em near ya

I'm young, black, and I get money, my swag serious

Macker's worst nightmare, what they scared of

Fresh back home, they had to sit me down

I come back home, they talkin’ Nicki now?!

I spit like a drummer that hold 50 rounds

And for my walk throughs it cost sixty pounds

At Sour D Hollywood I should be

But that hood ish sprang the hood outta me

I be in the grave like I hit the lottery

Buyin' every car, every house I see tryna be

A gangsta, I be tryna be a king

Your times go boom, I be tryna get a ring

Couple goons got happy heard I was in the B

Till they left me off my side, jump right there in that sick

Ballenciaga red, interior the inferior

I made a couple million, joan, dead serious

Monkey ass hoes like Georgia and Hankilies

Flow so wavy, man, I shoulda been an Aquarius

I'm talkin' hovely jail call

Get so many letters that they think that his mouth fall

When I saw all the money they said that I fell in luv

We got like six mansions, 12 lofts

3 condos, and the apartments? Hell no

Just hop in houses, cuz nigga I been bodied

Get chin, get sided, like it's a robbery

I came up from the bottom, it ain't no stoppin' me

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