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Meek Mill - I Get It lyrics

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Stepping of of that lear, diamonds on me so clearDime hoes that I share, y'all couldn't go nearI say, pussy nigga I dare, you try and reached and get airedYou fuck around and get checked, doctor pump your chest like clearYea my niggas ball all year, y'all niggas so square (lame)And all my niggas so live, why the fuck would I careWhen that Lambo flow by, y'all suckas gon' stareAnd all them haters gon' hate, fuck them, cause all them hoes gon' cheerYea my might life and my bite life got a bad bitch and she tight and niceCause I'm countin green in my money machine, that bitch sound like ItypewriteHustle hard in that daytime but I ball off in that night lifeMy chain lit with them black stones, but they shine hard as yo white iceCause yo shit fake and yo shit late, no birthday but I get cakeLame nigga yo album ain't fucking with my mixtapeNigga smoking that Cali kush, that shit strong no lift weightsI tell niggas don't watch me while time tick on that big faceYoung nigga I get it, young nigga I get itNeck full of that gold, gold Rollie go with itGold H on my belt, phone full of gold diggersSipping gold bottles of Spade, tell them hoes go figureWake me up and I'm snoring, choking over whole gang of chainsShe slept over the morning, a nigga ain't good with this naming gameAin't need you fucking me over, pyramids on my pinky ringAnd we dipping out, she pulling in, I guess she get the hang of thingsSo what up (what up), I told her shut the fuck upWhen I run my mouth diamonds falling out, I guess that bitch done nut upCrazy thing about it, her best friend is riding shottyI knocked her down in her 'Rari, then drove off on DucattiHoly mother Mary, guess who hitting my BerryA pair of double D's, I guess she out in ParisDamn Tony them cantaloupes, fuck about getting MaryShe said her ex was Larry, but fuck that nigga LarryDamn this shit is scary, I thought I seen the fairyFucking with that white milk, just might call it dairyRide around just me and Meek, a couple dimes and that's 20Sit behind while we pull around, we might blind with canaries

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