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Man let’s get it

Let’s get it

No more nigga waiting, no more tim

Double M, selfmade 3, it’s Meek Millie

Stallie in the building Omarion

Fillie dream chasers

Our RP little Snoop

Rest in peace to my little nigga

Is we gonna make this history or what?

That’s all we know, that’s all we know

That’s all we know

Sheavy in the building, Gucci Pucci in the building

Show you the building

Double MG

Mama couldn’t save me,

Daddy did, so he couldn’t raise me,

I’m still tripping off that play me

Sayin bitches funny only one I have my baby

It’s crazy, and nigga said they made me

Taking credit for my mama shit amazing

My niggas talking down when I’m not around,

But every time I’m in the building not a sound

Uh, I lie my haters an I chop em down,

That chopper I have a nigga dancing like you Bobby Brown

I’m well respected in my city even out of town,

And I will never talk my chain, how that sound?

Oh, how that look, we only ‘bout that book

We just look body cold like the niggas go exposed when they fast can’t do

Never drop their names too

Niggas said I can’t but I’m with the same crew

I was always told to get that money and remain you

Never let this p**sy niggas tell you what they can do

Every time they said I love that is when I came through

Range new, 38 .. when the flame new

Uh, just in case I got flame, flame

What the feeling when the people drop flame

Locked you in the cell when the tangle

You ever doubt before I go I’m working like I’m jangle

I f*ck her, I’m banglish, she f*ck me she might get famous,

She might get the chance to ride .. our ranges

Money ain’t your closest friend turning in your strangest

That’s dangerous, nigga it’s you and now aim it us

Shooting in the sky you try to hit the angels up

Did them niggas tripping like they dipin off for angel dust

‘cause microphone you run the mike you get this tangle up

I only f*ck with bad bitches every train to f*ck

Five nigga nuts, run the chain on nuts

Looking at this rap then our lame is f*ck

Skinny jeans, many skirts, with the stick

I stick to this flip, you get like this whipping stitch

Every morning in the kitchen like I’m whipping the crib,

Nigga I could pull your bitch with the flick of your wrist

So when it’s automor flashing it’s like I’m flicking the ..

Hold up!

Let me get some control over here

I had to lose the mike, the mike is getting tangled up

I let these niggas getting it all

Let’s get it twisted, let’s go!

And I remember it was an old lice

Thousand roll just for a mice

Yeah I remember all them cold nights,

Niggas so white just a little low life

Damn, for .. I was runnin, I was sinnin’

The crazy part of design ain’t one to send it

The dope dealer was I aim it,

and now I’m magic you couldn’t imagine the shit I saw

had no choice but to get involved

you even spit it raw so crack and driven apart

it’s crazy when I see me own neighbor hittin us all

I was thinking at my head like I got gift with this raw,

Shoots getting told up, as you watch me grow up

right in front of the kids you f*cking the nose up

you’re thinking like so what?

My homie got cold up, she even so and intending

I’m thinking like hold up,

I didn’t see my homie, mami turning to a zombie

And it was like New Jersey try away we sold to Johhny

When we drove them cars sleeve like through .. ball to ball

And had no way to go it all

Who thought that we go this far

Matter of fact who thought that we would live this long

I got your money in the palm made a nigga strong

I have respect for ..’cause they will find a .. back

And I was on tour that, that nigga hit your whole that

Down baby now it’s thirty rounds, baby as I ride through my hood

And been going down later in this bitch

Would they murder for a handsome pound

Baby so imagine for a kilo, shocking the water Nemo

Skinny niggas with a 4 pound turn the debo

Got the four five in this six call the silo

Y’all nigga talking bout murdfer they ain’t dido

F*cking around and get your life took a ripo

F*cking nigga tell us as I see em and know they jealous

Stepping in my jealouses .. like mom Bellum

Balling like I’m melling, the king like I’m kareta

And taining my bereta and singing I won’t do never

We shooting all of that p**sy, winging all of you niggas,

My city body for body, finger all on the trigger

I’m ready my niggas heavy, yellow guard all on my presidence

And Switching gas all on your whire,

Feeling like I’m in dready, I’m ready all in your dream

Lean like I’m cream, I’m seling 50 my beam,

I’m clean f*ck what do you mean?

My team, realers

Fullers don’t fall, fullers they step me back in the track

French of the tour, niggas they wanna see my demise,

Wanna see me me no job, they talking back on the corner

50 niggas we mob, we choppers like g*ck the cop,

Ducking them helicopter they wanna lock us and boxers,

they going houses and tell the ..

it’s Meek Millie we gotta f*ck with it,

What we’re doing?

It’s dream chasers

It’s Meek Millie, you know the pipe willies,

You know the pipe bitches that dike the ..

What the feeling when you’re looking at that ladies wipping on you

You could cap it, or looking at the baddest bitch and knowing you could pop it

The youngest nigga in my city dawn and I got it on the other line with Benjamin

And money is the topic

And the funny thing about it, I only drop the album

But the shitting on them niggas they got em

They used to doubt em

Now niggas on, get em gone, f*ck the baddest bitches in the home

I’m in the zone, man p**sies when don’t get alone

I seat alone with the thirty, cut .. in my crown

These niggas wrong they kill you when you in the throne

And you dog get your dog when you’re get a bone,

And get don’t get alone, ‘cause fake niggas get the flake

The more money I make, plus this suckers Is telling like it’s a gun in their face

I’m just .. your melon nigga you round in the fake

I change it that with that metal and we was running to race

And it’s the relate and f*ck the DA, I bring it back no simple replay

Putting on the free way so we can cake like ..

And make a leave way, got two bad bitches on the free way

Ready to email

This is the life nigga

This is the life nigga

Double M nigga, double M

Hey Pucci we just gone

Gucci Pucci in the building

Niggas rather see you shut up before they see you pop up

Chain around your neck all fresh fooling that drop up

Cover summer’s back niggas had I couldn’t cop up

But I wasn’t hating, I was patient to get this guap up

Look at their faces, now I made it and nigga got up,

Nigga ah ah I

I’m all your niggas .. yeah

Everybody wanna be cool drop

One album a year

Double MG we gonna fledge a nigga straight to

That’s how we doing it

Self made, September 17

DC 3 motherf*ckers September 29

.. on the way

.. out now

Are you that nigga in the dish with the nigga point pitch high

The boy grab you this bitch high

But I beatin you this p**sy, you was crying in the kitchen,

Run uppn me I ain’t sleepin ..

‘cause if forever 50 seven make eleven on this swift in

Or you’ll be hatin with this bitches high

Pillow talking with them hoes when I told you that I hit it high

Holy check dope boy

Chop it chop it down like a cold boy yes

I just made a millie, no more stress

Dropping all the phantoms on boast on jess

Oh my lifE so real, boy I should kill like O’Neil when the pank

Hold up, Let me catch this out here

It’s me right here I can’t disrespect this right here


I said my life so real, boy I should kill like O’Neil when the pank

I’m the deal when you ain’t

And the will I can spend the quarter when I kill when you can’t

And for real when I see a hundred mill,

I’m a fake, why you’re hating?

‘cause you mad, ‘cause you mad, glad you’re hatin

What would I say?

I’m sayin ‘cause you’re mad, you’re mad ‘cause you’re hating

I’ll be riding in some chill like it’s my primer graduation ah

Like it’s my primer graduation uh

They lucky I ain’t got my memory right

I’ve been never bout two days so


When the money came all the hoes came too

And when the bullet babe I’ll blame with you

And I remain who, mix to remain with the same crew

My niggas

September 17

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