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Meek Mill - Funkmaster Flex Freestyle lyrics

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When the money came all the hoes came too

And suckers started hating

I guess that's what fame do

And I remain who me still be with the same crew

None of my niggers don't fall out for bitches

They falling for money

We ain't you we ain't y'all niggers!

Started with a dollar and I turned that to a million

Now the chasers in the building

It ain't hard nigger

I'm like oh lord what a feeling when you pull up

Drop the ceiling on them suckers that was watching while we starve nigger

They got fat and I got slim

So I shitted on them niggers when I got it

My homie caught me for some paper

That was no my friends, that was nod my dog

So what was fucked up

Knock’em off!

More money than you can ever think

Now we buying more black bottles than we can ever drink

More than we could ever swallow

Get money that's my motto

When you in the lead there's nothing to follow

When the money came all the problems came too

And when the problems came all they had to blame was you

And niggers said I changed

You would probably change too

When niggers is hating they catching them vapors

And mad at favors that you ain't do

They gonna switch sides

I could tell you suckers want me gone

Before I let my mama mourn

You know Imma let that shit fly

And I used to get it on

Selling crack till it was dawn

Moving fish and I ain't talking bout that fish fry

And the reason they can't keep up

Cuz when they sleep you know we up

We move kilos then re-up

I do one lap then I speed up what’s your plan A

You couldn't be us

Y'all see us when it's game time

And it's 4th quarter let's D up

Imma be up with my feet up

And Imma eat up every beat up

To defeat us is a

I have more stripes than Adidas

And my dog told me don't ease up kill these niggers

And what I do murder them all me and my Philly niggers

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