Meek Mill

Meek Mill - Fa Sho lyrics

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Ft. Tdot Illdude

(Hook: Tdot Illdude)

I be gettin' money fuckin' hoes

Hundred bands on me everywhere I go

Lot of things on me everywhere I go

If ya on the other side then ya got to go

Bruce Lee Roy I got the glow

Diamonds dancin' in my chain it come from Joe

Hundred bands on me everywhere I go

Lot of niggas hatin' but they keep it on the low

I keep my bitch in Celine that's fa sho

I keep my bitch in Vera Wang that's fa sho

I keep my hitters on the plane that's fa sho

And the streets know my names that's fa sho, sho

(Verse: Meek Mill)

I've been gettin' money on the low

Type of nigga buy a Birken for yo ho

Hundred thousand on me everywhere I go

Bought a Range just to drive it in the snow

Fuck ya niggas talkin' shit is lit

Riding dirty got the chopper in the Bent

Got yo baby momma tryna get a flick

Now nigga tell yo baby momma fuck up off my dick

I'm just coolin' with my young niggas

She in the V.I.P. with all these drug dealers

Actin' like she neva fucked with ya

And she told me that ya a fuck nigga

When ya poppin' like we poppin' my nigga ain't no layin' low

Mixin' that Givenchy with Valentino camo

Fuck on the air mattress all in the bando

Dabbin' like I'm Cam tho

Touchdown, yeah hoe


(Verse 2: Meek Mill)

Yea, mobbin' at the clear port

Richard Milli all plain like the air port

Therefore I am flyer than an air force

Lookin' devilish I pull up in that red Porsch

Now we got yo bitch up on the money train

I heard she fuckin' what's his name and what's his name

We only know yo wifey by her Twitter name

I only pop the perc so I don't feel the pain

Feel the pain, feel the pain, make them feel the flame

All these corny niggas winnin' I don't know who to blame

But maybe its the internet, I've been busy countin' money ya should do the same

Every nigga round me got a body

Shorty with me tryna kick it like karate

In my DM actin' thirsty word to Gotti

And it be goin' down when I pull up to the party


(Verse 3: Meek Mill)

I'm still ballin', money still callin'

I'm on my eigth Rollie, niggas still talkin'

Flood the whole band, it look like real water

Ticket after ticket I feel like I'm will callin'

Niggas hatin' on me I don't feel for 'em

Cuz my South Philly niggas kill at will for 'em

And my North Philly niggas do the drill for 'em

The lawyers paid nigga made me spend a mil on 'em, pussy!

Blow the muthafuckin' money on these niggas


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