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Meek Mill - Clique lyrics

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feat. Lee Mazin Louie V Gutta

Boy I swear to god I make her fuck the whole click

Click, click, click, click

Sittin on the back while she sucking on my dick

Dick, dick, dick, dick

Boy I got a hunned cash right here on my wrist

Wrist, wrist, wrist

Started from the bottom now a nigga getting rich

I ain’t lookin at your bitchass

I’m looking at your bitch’s ass

I fuck her fame and soul and put that dick up in her rich ass

Prolly eat the puss tell that hoe that I don’t kiss ass

And everytime I’m rollin, it’s 200 hunned on the ...

Did that, serious, fuck her fast and furious

She tellin all her homies now, them bitches actin curious

These niggas catch a lil case ask curious

And when the cops ask em, they tell em like siri do

Get it, iPhone, face time

Last time I had your bitch we had a great time

I’m back in philly but I’m still on that la time

My flow so crazy, just the way I ride the base loud

The nigga I go in, these niggas ain’t got no win

Bad bitches I be with they lookin like they modelin

Perks in my tron got me stone like a goblin

Mad rappers mking diss records I’m like try again

Please nigga you should take a knee nigga

Before them shots hit your body make you fall e nigga

Like it’s september, thanking my daddy I’m a ...

I ain’t lookin at you bitches, cause I feel none of you bitches

I ain’t checkin for you niggas, I ain’t worried bout you niggas

And my shit be kinda major, like I’m balling for the majors

Got 2 chains around my neck, you could see I do it different

She so bad but she go so hoe, chick got room when I got that ball

Too 3d, but you can’t see me

You can’t stick lee cause I want it hard

The shit goes swish, and you know I did it for the win

And yeah I killed this check but fuck that shit I’ma do it again

Do it again just to quinch they thirst

If you dive in put your face in first

I make em lick it, and yeah my girls ball hard like... I make em click it

And then they see the body, see that ...that shit ridiculouus

Man like fuck lee, I scream right back like fuck you too

If you want the beef first you gotta get through my crew

That’s to y’all lame nasty see

Name one chick who could fuck with me

Hold up, yeah I say, name on chick who could fuck with me

If you talking shit, just be careful what come out your mouth

Aroma something right, make your boyfriend pay to smell it

...he put his face in, he like fuck your government, that shit amazing

Yeah I’m talking me, yeah I’m talking me

Yeah I’m talking lay low chain...lil p

Murda on every track, ferg a lil p

I’m talking bout rose too, we reppin with mmg

Cruising to south beach, in a california ferarri

Shine brighter than california, my jewelry it’s extra gardi

Peep the way I maneuver, she says I’m smooth as a body

So she gave me her number, I fucked her after the party

Man I’m living life, I might do that tonight

Met them bottles of rose, the waitress put em on ice

Sparkles all in my section man I could give a light

Man my niggas be stuntin like chaino were born to bite

Yes sir, the dreamchasers

We blowin money fast like we never seen papers

Now I got these new relatives

And everybody callin

All of a sudden this shit started...

I tell em talk about some money but they never talking

But I’ma go and get it till they put me in the coffin

It’s funny now that they callin me the shit

Louie v dc shit man, and ain’t nobody fuckin with me click.

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