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Meek Mill - Brush Em Off lyrics

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[feat. Oschino]

[Meek Millz:]

Yea Yea

Let Me Grab My Shoulder Right

Shiny Patten Leather Pradas Look Like A Bowlin Ball

Diamonds On My Neck And Wrist Haters Like He Showin Off

Cause I Be Shittin On Dese Niggas All Around And Overall

Back Up On MY Ol' Shit Watch Me Make A Joke Of Ya'll

I Scoop Ya Bitch Up And Her Friend And Like I Jus Won From Both Of Ya'll

Skeeno Fresh Up Out Da Boat, How You Wanna Soap For Song

Cause I Jus Wanna Give It To You Fast, Hold On Let Me Fone A Call

Meek Milly, What Da Dealy How You Feelin?

I Say I Feel Like A Million When I Step Up In The Buildin

My Neck Tell You Dat I'm Chilin, My Wrist Say Dat I'm Ok

I Be Stuntin When I Cum In, I Don't Pay No I Don't Wait

Say We Bottle Pop, Hurricane and Chris Like Ay-Bay-Bay

Let Them Models Rock, We Fuck With Dat One Like KKK

Steal Yo Bitch Rite In Yo Face, And Den Like Mike I Fade Away

So Tell Dem Lents Stay Out My Way Before I Fuck Up Dey Whole Day

Mindin My Business, Cause My Mind Is My Business

I Make Way Mor For Rappin Den You Makin Off A Trappin

First I Cum On Dem Who Rattin, Den I Stop With 30 Stacks

Den All Dis Funny Shit I'm Hearin Got Me Dyin From The Laughter


Dey Hate To See Me Eatin Rite

Cause Dey Fuckin Pockets Low

White Benz, Black Rims

Shit Look Like A Domino

Ridin Slow, Bucket Low,

Yea You See Me Blinging Hard

Cleaner Den A Bolier Hoe, Diamonds Like A Deck Of Cards

Fresh As Shit Like Wrecking Balls

When We Step Up In The Place, Lotta Money

Lotta Lace, Lotta Chicken Lotta Cake

Ballin At The Bar, We At The Bar Fillin Sides Of Drinks

No We Ain't Got No Job, Ye But We Got Dat Weight

What You Think?, What We Do?

Birds Not Dat Birds To Sue, Murder Who?

Murder You, That Mack You Shelf Like A Turtle Do

Niggas Mad Cause I'm Eatin, Niggas Mad Cause I'm Eatin

What Dey Make In One Year, A Nigga Make In One Weekend

Fuckin With Dem Puerto Ricans, Hoolio, Javier

Give Me Mean Fish, Mean Fish Shit Porrinahs Here

Why You Think My Diamonds Clear?

Gettin Money My Career

Nigga Pop FLy, Put Dat Nigga Liek A Thousand Year

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