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Meek Mill - All Eyes On You lyrics

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Ft. Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj

(Hook: Chris Brown)

Baby, is you drunk cuz you had enough?

Are you here lookin’ for a love?


At the club goin’ crazy

All this ….. but my eyes on you

Is you somebody’s baby?

If you ain’t girl, what we gonna do?

If you gonna need it baby

Give it all up for you right now

Cuz we got the club, goin’ crazy

All eyes on you


She was the baddest, I was the realest

Where was the flight, up in the buildin’

It was, countin’ this money, lovin’ and feel it

Look at you now, will love and then hit it

But now it’s all eyes on me

Nigga all eyes on me

To say somthin’ to your pretty…

Some hood, what you lookin’ at?

Cuz I’m good for that, frontin’ back cuz I’m good for that

I might just be a plug for that

You might fall in love with that, got love with that

What’s your name, who you with?

Where you from? You the s***

Chosen pic, get the right one

All this shit it’s got like one

All you hit, you got it like one

All this bout, got it like damn

All this minds got it like one

What you gonna do, I will grind

Ready baby

(Hook: Chris Brown)

(Verse: Nicky Minaj)

He was the realest, I was the badest

Where was the idlest, when eh approach me, I’ll send you with the dealers

And then out with dealers

Then out with dealers, why can’t you chillers

I got it in the back and get back

I think he catch some feelings

Now all eyes on us and these full eyes won’t trust

And it feel it, just wanna trap

Tell me they got all eyes on us

This kitty cat won’t recursive

He dumb up all the guises

I put ‘em on in that new, new now

We only on the exclusive

What you name? My name Nick

Where you from? New York and this …

Chosen pic, you got the right one

All you hope you got it like them

You know you never wipe up

None of this ain’t nothin’ like this

Still at the top of wally hit list

What they gonna do? Meet Nick

(Hook: Chris Brown)

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