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MC Lyte - Stop, Look, Listen lyrics

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[ VERSE 1 ]

I'm rhymin and designin, also creatin

The dope def rhyme that is always being taken

By a sucker MC that wants to be like me

No trait of originality

But yo, I am not one to down another

So like I said before, just go for yours, sucker

I'm gonna take the time to drop a dope line

Or maybe even two, for you and your crew

So you can start shakin and movin all around

To the Lyte Thee MC and the King Of Chill sound

It's new and improved like a freshly cut diamond

Perfect timin, like a gem it's shinin

Or better yet a ruby, somewhat like a saphire

This jam you are forced to admire

Stop, stop

Look, look


[ VERSE 2 ]

Wanna battle me? Now that's strange behaviour

Drink and drive, yeah, you're probably safer

Cause when I start, I never give slack

You feel like a 'kick me' sign was pinned to your back

Yes I'm the super-duper with the roper-doper

Got the clean drawers on, yeah, I hope ya

Do, because I'm gonna strip you of your peace of mind

Now your piece is mine, damn, that's unkind

Come on, admit it, the Lyte is too fly

The rhymes that I say you can't deny

Because 100% is what I give it (Say what?)

I haunt the house with the hip-hop spirit

I tear it, repair it

Like a hand-me-down make you wear it

Save all your crocodile tears, grin and bear it

And with all your other brothers you're gonna share it

You hear me, junior? Cause soon you'll

Be a grown man with the mic in your hand

Adn understand biting's not part of the plan

That's wrong, I thought I taught you better than that

But that's what you get from a stabber in the back

Stop, stop

Look, look


[ VERSE 3 ]

M.C. - Master of Creativity

Rappin is the activity

Rhyme is the sport, let it be taught

That Lyte Thee MC is takin no shorts

In '88 I was great, but '89 is my time

Stop, look, and listen - to the right rhyme

K-Rock the DJ throws the cuts my way

Put em on the reel-to-reel and let them play

Leg 1 and Leg 2, they do the jumpin

The dancin, the pumpin, always up to somethin

But when it comes to the rap category

MC Lyte headlines the story

(Extra, extra, read all about it)

(Comin out fresh and flier than we did before)

(Listen up everybody)

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