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MC Lyte - Please Understand lyrics

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[ female voice ] I just want you to understand

I just want you to understand

[ male voice] - Understand what?

[ VERSE 1 ]

I met a guy named Tommy, damn, he charmed me

Met him at the mall, but I knew he wouldn't harm me

We exchanged numbers, hopin to meet again

We couldn't wait for the romance to begin

The relationship grew strong

I didn't wanna be right if this love was wrong

But oh no, came the problems, the first segment

The dumb kid went and got some girl pregnant

The second segment: started wheelin and dealin

Didn't give a damn about how Lyte was feelin

But then he got wise, started treatin me better

Cause all of his friends said I was a go-getter

He knew he was usin me, and abusin me

He also knew that soon he'd be losin me

First I clocked him, yeah, I docked him

But I rocked him - and then I dropped him

[ VERSE 2 ]

Then there was Dave, couldn't behave

So I punished him and put him in my Lyte-as-a-rock cave

Then he got bold, tried to play insane

So Bigfoot threw him off my paperthin train

He tried to 10%-dis me, but he pissed me off

Cause I'm the boss, and you know I'm not havin it

Lyte is too dope, and you know I ain't crabbin it

Then there was Henry, way too friendly

I needed a trip, he said he would send me

Pay my airfare, if he could come with me

I said, "Listen, honey, I don't need your money

Believe me when I tell you, I've got my own

Cause I'm MC Lyte on the microphone"


[ VERSE 3 ]

Here's another story: a dude named Corey

When I used to work, yes, I was a clerk

At the Worldtrade Center, back in high school

This little player musta thought I was a fool

He took me out to lunch, offered me a ride home

When we got there, he asked could he use my telephone

I said, "Yeah, sure", flipped him to the floor

Cause he said "What's up?" and tried to feel my butt

I kicked him down the stairs and said, "What you're provin?"

Rolled him to his car and said, "Get movin!"

He tried to score it, I wasn't goin for it

You can't play me, I'm Lyte Thee MC

Never saw his face again until last week

All beat up and bleedin down the street

I looked to my left, there was a girl with a pipe in her hand

Sayin, "Why oh why can't you understand?"

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