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MC Lyte - Not Wit' a Dealer lyrics

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[ performed by MC Lyte and Milk Dee ( ) ]

A friend of mine (Which one?) Cecilia

(Yeah?) has a man (so?) a dealer

(Which one?) Born - Born Supreme

You know the type (Yeah, I know what you mean)

Gold and cars (cars and gold

The more he got, yo, the more he sold

He told her he loved her (Huh, gased her head)

Her love he bought just to warm his bed

I tried to tell her, but it went out the other ear

She didn't wanna hear, what I had to say

She just replied this way

(Girl, I love him, he treats me so good

He gets much respect in my neighborhood)

I cram to understand why she wants this man

(Yo, he sold the crack to Sam...)


(I used to be in love...)

But not with a dealer

(I used to be in love...)

I know how it feels

(I used to be in love...)

You make love while he makes deals

The story gets worse, they threaten her life

A guy walked on her (Yo, come here) with a knife

And said (Being with Born is a big mistake

It's a shame your life I have to take

If you leave him now, you'll be alright

If not, you won't make it through the night)

She came to me and said (Lyte, what do I do?)

Forget about Born, or else you're through (Ahh...)

She said (But, but I love him!) Hm, I wonder

Is love worth bein six feet under?

Nope (And that's on the real tip)

I think it's time you skip

Town (Hey girl, don't hang around

Or else you'll be goin -)


Miss C said (No, I'm stayin with my man

He stands by me, so I too must stand)

Girl, you're stupid, you're gonna take a fall

( *phone rings* ) and then she received a call

(Hello? Listen, baby, they got a contract on me

I know because Brian warned me

I'm outta here, goin back to Cali

Grab your stuff and meet me in the alley)

She grabbed her stuff, the gold and the cash

Headed for the door in a flash

She said (I'm outta here) Now wait just a minute

You know he's a dealer, his windows are tinted

(Naw) He has truck jewelry, and no job

(So?) Carries ducats in ??? (So what?)

Now hell the hell does he get these things?

(I don't know!) The Gucci, the Louis, the Polo rings

(Yeah?) Dealers are bad news, take it from Lyte

They say they kill you, and they might

(You're right, Lyte, you tell no lie

Just let me go say good-bye)

She ran down the stairs in a minute or more

I heard a thunderous roar

( *shots* ) Born and Cecilia - killed by Uzis

See why it pays to be choosy?


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