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MC Lyte - Keep it Movin' lyrics

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[MC Lyte]

Yeah, hmm-huh

Hmm-huh, Yeah


She's arrived, Miss Hotness

All up in the limo, yeah me and my partners

Got a lot of dough like it's supposed to be

They smell it and they want to come close to me

They see me at the club try approaching me

Sending notes to me, want to toast to me

Stop, I got a lot of history

That you need to know before you start kissing me

I'm a libra and if you tip my scales

You'll be riding on the third rail ready to bail, shhhh

I give them hell when they copy my sounds

Trying to rock me 憆ound when they be knocking me downtown

Quick to bed, want to know what I said

Off the top of the head cause I'm living on the edge

Ain't that rough now you know what's up

It's the ride of your life, now buckle up, come on

1 - [Payne] (MC Lyte)

You got to be special to get down with me

If you're not (If you're not)

Keep it movin' (Keep it movin')

All the negativity don't bring that to me

If you are (If you are)

Keep it movin' (Keep it movin')

[MC Lyte]

Ain't no mediocre here, you're dealing with the top

When you're coming for my spot, I'm as light as a rock

When you enter my world, well bring the whole house down

I'm the chosen girl with the golden sound

I'm feisty, ain't nobody as nice as me

Precisely, killing them all softly when they shiesty

Got crazy ways to stay crazy paid

So all lazy days my seeds don't fade away

I got rhymes that be late for those that want to play

Rhymes on lay-way for those who can't pay

I switch mode Wild West episode, overload

Everybody wants to know a horse like Rowe

Gitty up, put your money where your tongue rest

Is it Jane West or Loveless

I guess it will be the last man on the street

Holding the heat, standing in middle of the street, come on

Repeat 1 (2x)

[MC Lyte]

Keep it on them

Case closed, everyone knows

I'm the best at what I do

So you better never doze

I rock your bulge and those MC's

That any track no room to breath

Ain't no replacing me, stop chasing me

Not knowing how to act when you're facing me

Oh you wanna roll with me, ride shotgun

Look hun do you got more to drop some

Can't hustle with the hustler

Bout to go up in your mouth

Get your jugular, I strategize and lock them in

Box them in so tight they need oxygen

Ooh please you're not next to me

Baby icons keeping you guessing b

If you've never been impressed by me

Just mess with me, that's the recipe

To get blessed from me

Repeat 1 (2x)

[MC Lyte] (Payne)

All that right there

(Keep it movin')

For all you non-believers

(Keep it movin')

If you not on my level

(Keep it movin')

I ain't got time for that there

(Keep it movin')

Repeat 1

[MC Lyte] (Payne)

If you're not nice with yours

(Keep it movin')

Talking that yang put it on pause

(Keep it movin')

If you not about them papers

(Keep it movin')

You catch up with me lataz

(Keep it movin')

2 - [Payne]

Keep it movin'

Repeat 2 till end

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