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Is it a crime - because it's my time to bust a rhyme

A dope line to make the crowd behind me climb

and then twine to a tune that Milk produced

to make the party people get loose

on the dancefloor, so don't try to hide

Cause I designed the rhyme that make your back-bone slide

to the music, cause it's uplifting

Some may try, but they can't get with this

But it's nothing for y'all to compete with

It's just some smooth shit that's legit

to make you get up when you're at a party

and move.. your.. sexy.. body

Up, down, side to side, around

Come one, come all, come see what we found

A way for y'all to work out y'all frustrations

and groove with the band.. K-Rock's the Man

Now hurry hurry, step right up

to my sideshow, and watch how my rhymes flow

I let my galant talent illuminate

So give three cheers for, K-Rock the Great

Don't debate, the votes are castin

This is one race that I could never come last in

Boy you know that the K don't play

You can't step to me, don't sleep on a DJ

K-Rock, because blockheads I knock

and rock the sock into a state of shock

That's how it's supposed to be

and that goes for those who step close to me

So when you see me, show respect

Cause I met get upset and cold strip and snap the necks

of all of those who don't understand

that K-Rock.. K-Rock's the Man

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