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MC Lyte - I Cram To Understand U lyrics

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[ VERSE 1 ]

I used to be in love with this guy named Sam

I don't know why, cause he had the head like that of a clam

But you couldn't tell me nothin, cause Sam was number one

Cause to me, oh my gosh, he was one in a million

I shoulda knew the consequences right from the start

That he'd use me for my money, and then break my heart

But like a fool in love I fell for his game

But I got mine, so I show no shame

In Empire winked his eye, and then he kept walkin

And all of those who live in Brooklyn know just what I'm talkin

The roller disco where we all used to go

Just to have some fun back in 1981

You know the place, Empire Boulevard

Is where I first saw the nigga, and he tried to play hard

But I knew the deal, cause I knew his brother Jerry

And Sam, he just broke up with his girlfriend Terry

So Jerry introduced Sam and I that night

He said, "Hello, my name is Sam" I said, "Hi, my name is Lyte"

We dipped and we dapped and we chit and we chat

About this and that, from sneakers to hats

He said, "Look, I'm in the mood for love

Simply because you're near me"

(Let's go) To my house, lay back and get nice

Watch television, Reunite On Ice

I said, "Slow down, I know you wanna shake me down

But I'm not one of the girls to go rippin around"

(Just like a test

Ju-just like a test

Ju-just like a test

I cram to understand you)

[ VERSE 2 ]

Next month I finally went to his house

I walked into the door, there was a girl on the couch

I said, "Who's the frog, the bump on the log?

You chump, you punk, how could you do me wrong?

Singing sad songs about your love is so strong"

You said, "Wait Lyte, you're confused, the girl is my cousin"

Your brother agreed, but later she said that she wasn't

(Just like a test

Ju-just like a test

Ju-just like a test

I cram to understand U)

[ VERSE 3 ]

Forgotten, next month we went to the Deuce

Well, I thought it kinda strange cause you had lots of juice

You knew the dopes, the pushers, the addicts, everybody

Asked ya how you met em, said you met em at a party

Then these girls tried to tell me you were sellin the stuff

I said, "It's not your business, so shut the fuck up"

They said, "Okay Lyte, think what you wanna think

But it's gon' be some shit when your man becomes a -"

I said, "Look, to bust a move, I don't even know you

To put it Lyte, I really don't care to"

They kinda got mad and sort of offended

They said, "We only lookin out for yo best interest"

I said, "Thanks but no thanks" in an aggravated tone

"When I wanna find out, I find out on my own"

(Just like a test

Ju-just like a test

Ju-just like a test

I cram to understand U)

[ VERSE 4 ]

Then my cousin said she saw you with this lady named C

Well I'm clawin my thoughts, I wonder who she could be

You're spending all your time with her and not a second with me

They say you spend your money on her and you're with her night and day

Her name starts with a C and it ends with a k

I strain my brain lookin for a name to fit this spellin

But I just couldn't do it cause my heart kept yellin

Burning, begging for affection from you, Sam

But just like a test I cram to understand you

Thought I knew you well enough to call you a man

But (Just like a test

Ju-just like a test

Ju-just like a test

I cram to understand you)

[ VERSE 5 ]

Then it came a time you started looking kinda thin

I asked you why, you said, "Exercise, tryina stay slim"

I bought it, even though I knew it was a lie

Cause it really didn't matter, you were still lookin fly

But oh no, oh no, you started askin me for money

Butter me up, beg me and call me your honey

So I gave you 2 yards, and then I gave you one more

You picked up your jacket and you flew out the door

You came back an hour later and you asked me for a 10

I said, "I only got a 20", you said, "Give me that, then"

I said, "Nope, I'll tell you now, you better stop slobbin

Find you a job, or you better start robbin"

So I stepped off with a giant step

Picked up my belongings, and I just left

And now I see you in Empire every Sunday

Juicin the girls up for some money and a lay

But every time I see you doin it, I just ruin it

Tell em how ya on crack, smoke, sniff, and chewin it

And as for this girl, Miss C, oh well

I was shocked as hell when I heard, Samuel

When your homeboys told me, I almost went wack

That the girl you was addicted to, her name was Crack

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