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MC Lyte - I Am the Lyte lyrics

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[ VERSE 1 ]

Examine the style used in this sequence

The rhyme's the clue, the record's evidence

To the fact that I'm hypin this episode

Cold carryin the extra wide load

The beat is fat and the rhyme is thick

All over the town you hear the sound and pick

Me, the L the y the t the e

Me, and if you see the Rock, I'm sure you'll see

Me (Hey Lyte, what will you be doin?)

Kickin it, bashin down competition

And when I drop the bomb, you'll listen

Boom! Now that I've got your attention

I'm slammin what you wanna hear

I just thought that I should mention

'89 is the Lyte year

Now's the time to roll like a rhinoceros

Step to Lyte, that's preposterous

I'm heavyweight, though I'm lightweight

My looks the hook, my rhymes the bait

And when I throw the line you proceed to take

The goody, the treat that I hand you

That you couldn't refuse

Damn, I cram to understand you

Your love is to Lyte to lose

[ VERSE 2 ]

I think you deserve this, you waited long enough

For a rhyme that's super-duper extra tough

Every human is lurkin and loomin

Puba on the beat and you know the shit is boomin

Tasty like pastry, fresh from the bakery

First Priority, that's the way it has to be

Feel the drum, I bet it makes your body numb

One for all, and all for one I bet you come

Hurry, hurry, step right up and see the show

MC Lyte and K-Rock are about to throw

Get on line and purchase your ticket

(Hey, don't worry) Lyte is gonna kick it

(Go on, be happy) I put you up on the scoop

Now come and watch the party hoop

[ VERSE 3 ]

I am the Lyte, and it is time for me to go

You wanna beef, save that shit for the toilet bowl

I use styles, styles and much many styles

I leave smiles, smiles and much many smiles

On the people who come to see the Lyte perform

(Word is bond)

The rhyme will kick as the brain will tick

You can tell because the record'll sell

Old styles and new styles formatted together

Bold or dull, so it doesn't matter whether

Which comes first or vice-a versa

It won't make a difference, as long as you rehearse-a

Get it down pat, and come right and exact

MC Lyte is comin right and I'ma say goodnight

[ Grand Puba Maxwell ]


MC Lyte in effect for '89

One time to wreck that mind, boy



Pump, pump, pump it up


Sure nuff

MC Milk

Warlord of the mixboard

In effect

Sure shot


Pump (pump) (pump)..


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