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MC Lyte - Don't Cry Big Girls lyrics

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[ VERSE 1 ]

This is Lyte, and I'm just here to say

That I choose to express my feelings this way

Always alone, either with a microphone

Or just plainly emphasize the tone

Of my voice, cause yo, I know I'm your choice

So when I am speaking, show your gratitude

While I am teaching, I have no attitude

I'm just here to get the job totally done

85% work, 15% fun

Sometimes I admit, I get so excited

Rhyme for rhyme, I just can't fight it

Can't stop the flow, it's just too persistant

(Big girls don't cry) (2x)

[ VERSE 2 ]

Can't stop the flow, it's just too persistant

The level is extremely low on my resistance

By you or any other I'll never be beaten at a

Rap meeting, in other words a battle

Cause y'all, I'm like a farmer, and y'all's the cattle

Be a big girl about it, don't you start cryin

That'll mean I made you weep without even tryin

Lyte takes it like a big girl, I'm no jive girl

Comin direct, tellin you that I'm a live girl

'I'm positive', you've heard this expression before

So next time you see Lyte shine through the door

Don't talk behind my back, confront me like a big girl

(Big girls don't cry) (2x)

[ VERSE 3 ]

Don't talk behind my back, confront me like a big girl

So I can take you to all slimmies of the world

Big girls, we don't fight over men

Although there's one worth fighting for every now and then

But then I think again, it's not worth my while

And it's also not a big girl style

And I know you're thinkin: 'Wait, Lyte is slim and short?'

While being brought up I was also taught

Take it like it comes and proceed with the flow

Lyte is the biggest of the big girls, and now you know

(Big girls don't cry) (2x)

This is dedicated to Milk Dee from the Audio 2

To Gizmo from the Audio 2

The whole Alliance crew

You know what I'm sayin?

And to all the big girls

Also the small girls

You got time to grow up to be big girls

(Big girls don't cry)

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