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MC Lyte - Cold Rock a Party lyrics

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To the L, to the Y and the T to the E

So get ready cause I want everybody to say this with me

Rock the house, rock the house, rock the house


Now I cold rock a party in a b-girl stance

I rock on the floor make the fellas wanna dance

I be the shit and it's all good and if you understood

Verse One:

Would you stop scheming and trying to look hard

I get my bodyguard, You get that booty scarred, I'm a veteran

which means that I've been in the game too long

Since the days of Paper Thin way back when I've been putting it

down ask your homies who's the baddest bitch on this side of

the M I C, I go for broke, Never giving it less than the best

Lots of years in the game at your request, You like the rhyme

Bite if you dare, I get the paper so I don't care, Fly that's me

The epitomy of what a real MC is supposed to be, Fucking you up

everytime that I drop, Fuck a bullet baby, I done took your spot

I guide the best and I ride it well and if you take a look

it ain't hard to tell that I

Chorus (repeat)

Back off me and let my skin breathe, Lyte is everlasting

it's hard to believe I shall prevail cause I'm next to none

Cause I'm claiming no set, Don't plan to get down

Just Brooklyn is where I'm from but I'm resting in Studio City

for the fun, if you don't understand just say you don't (nah!)

and don't wait for me to explain cause I won't

You see it's in my nature to be the best, West to East

See East to West, ready or not I have arrived and I'm live

Showing an MC how to survive. Cause it's crazy how I

get you captured with my tactics, I got many witnesses

that can back this ruffnecks from New York to LA

Been down with me since Poor George

It's '96 -- it's all about show and prove and I'm about to

make the ill type moves, I guide the best and ride it well

and if you take a look it ain't hard to tell that I

Chorus (repeat)

Get out my shit, Please let me be, I don't see why -- you KGB

Why you gotta be all up on me like that, Trying to get over

like a fat rat, but I understand -- I'm a woman in the land of hip-hop

And the shit don't stop, it goes on, on, on, on

You see the shit don't stop till the break of dawn

And now who makes it liver than a hip-hop, scuba diver, chillin with

a pina colada, kidada hooked me up with Tommy now I gotta

lot of gear from everywhere that I'd like to share (yeah right!)

But I'd rather do Kani, Don't ask why! 5001, my son gets shit done

All on the catwalk, What they've ever done for you

You betta get down with your real crew, Cause I ride the beat

and I ride it well and if you take a look it ain't hard to tell that I

Chorus (repeat)

To the L, to the Y, and the T, to the E

Rock the house and rock the house

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