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MC Lyte - Closer lyrics

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verse 1 (MC Lyte)

In the three on the deegan, we be freakin'

Bobbin' and weavin' my peeps sleepin'

Steady creepin' dippin' in the jeepin'

Dones be peepin', benjis we be keepin'

Cheddar we be spending, niggas ain't cheapin'

Hip hoppin' bobbin' with the beat and

I'm not concieted just never been defeated

Test and get that ass beated

The wanna act like I can't flow phatly

When they attack me I got skills to back me

Go ahead now simulate that

How they forget who originated that

Ladies and gentlemen the ruffneck is back

More potent than a foul vile of crack

I keep you open like a BM hatchback

While you keepin' my tape draped up in yo' knapsack


You comin' closer and closer, I thought I told you

You know that I will toast you

You're not supposed to come closer and closer

I thought I told you, you know that I will toast you

Don't come closer

verse 2 (Space Nine)

Yo, I write my own, but-uh who's writin' your rhymes

Oh you independent now 'coz you bitin' my lines

Listen, two flamin' bitches hide yo' claiming and sixes

Shines so bright can't see us in pictures

Leavin' non believers in ditches

Those who can acchieve won't percieve our existance

They need verbal assistance, check it

All them things you say you got, we now your makin' it up

To get a man in a club, you steady shakin' it up

See thay played my song twice 'coz they can't get enough

I'd say put yourself in my shoes but they cost too much

Space Nine bustin' 16 bars on Lyte's time

We write rhymes, y'all chicks is puppets on mic time

While I, chanel stars through pipe lines

Illuminate the sky day and night make my presence defined

Yo, blue Gucci sale platinum tag taped to my leg

Promise no threat, shine on my neck signing my cheques

(chorus) x2

verse 3 (MC Lyte)

You can't afford to be nasty if you ask me

Tryin' to pass me but can't outlast me

Sweet like like nector comin' in your sector

Movin' in your direction, takin' over your section

Am I bad no question they just a fraction

Tryin' to get some action from the section

Ain't that somethin' I got your crew jumpin' and bumpin'

While you talkin' nothing

I bring it to you with no hesitation

'Coz the top is where I rest but it's your destination

And I know this so I'm puttin' you on notice

Don't you come too close to this

I got the gift to forsee the drama like they know me

Pullin' up slowly and tryin' to bring out the ol' me

But I'm brand spank comin' for your bank

Not nigga what you think but what you thought, and now you caught

Long as you live and for eternity

You're only bad as Lyte the MC allows you to be

Not easy to sabbotage wiser than the average

You can jack me now and later you can peep my, catalogue

You gotta alphernumeric but you can't read

DKNY frames but you can't see

How I'm blow up like a stick of dynie and burn that hynie baby

C'mon I'm beggin' try me

(chorus) x2

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