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MC Lyte - Big Bad Sister lyrics

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Ahhh yeah

Brooklyn's in the house, so come on now

Brooklyn's in the house

Yo, Staten Island is in the house

Staten Island is in the house

and let me hear you say Queens is in the house

Come on now, Queens is in the house

Long Island is in the house, say what?

Long Island is in the house, yeah

The Bronx, is in the house, uhh

The Bronx is in the house let me hear you say

Uptown's in the house one time

Uptown's in the house

Well they're falling falling but I can catch them

I just toot the whistle and you go fetch them

Bring them back into the real rap attack

Set the soft silly stuff back on the rack

45 (yeah baby) 45 (yeahhh)

Tell the silly mothers that we don't give a..

I'm not a psychic, but you can tell your sidekick

in ninety-one, Lyte is kickin some fly..

Take it from me, or could you really take it?

And if you got away with it, would you really make it

in the world of hip-hop, frontin like you're me?

C'mon now Hobbes, that I could never see

So just step aside, and feel it tonight

Cause comin to a store near you is MC Lyte

{45 King scratches "Who's that bad?"}

I'm bigger than bolo, see I go solo

Broader than broad, see how I soared

The big bad sister from around your way

I'm not tall but I'm small don't matter what I weigh

I kick the copacetic rhyme from the down to earth mind

I get hip with the hop I'm the tip from the top

I go all out, you never see me fall out

Although you hear me yell out, you never see me sellout {"No!!"}

Because my rhyme's about a profit, no one can stop the one

funky lyrics synced with MC Lyte cause I be droppin it

The name the Lyte because my skin I'm blacker than black

Comin right and exact, for the rap attack

Some say they don't like the words I choose to use

I don't give a DAMN, Lyte will never lose

I ain't no sucka and I ain't into pleasin

some critic that criticizes me for no reason

What's with the opinion it's a stated fact

I rule the pack, from the top of the stack

so FUCK the stocks and bonds I'm your new investment

Pick up the album it's quite a refreshment

compared to the day to day BULLSHIT you hear

Pay attention and listen I'm comin clear to the ear

For all you non-believers, and you perpetrators

that TALK to me now but TALK about me later

It's time for you to grieve, grovel in your sorrow

I'm the star of today AND the star of tomorrow

I'm takin out the old jacks, rippin up the new ones

I don't care if it means I have to ruin

I will and I shall and I get the job completed

Those that don't belong they will be deleted

from the rap roster, I'm not an impostor

I'm comin to you live with the 45

Straight from the studio with a view..

.. in New York City

{45 King scratches "I love it!"}

.. I'm out *echoes*

{45 King scratches "I love it!" <--> "DJ" back and forth}

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