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MC Lyte - All That lyrics

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There's a song.. that I sing.. whenever I'm sad.. feelin bad

[MC Lyte]

It was a date, a simple little fuckin date

or so I thought, wasn't that my great mistake

He picked me up at eight, from my crib

We went to dinner and he ordered babyback ribs

What a waste, a waste of the mind and body

And then he said, "Lyte, would you like to go and party?"

I thought about it, and then I said, "NO!

Pay for my food motherfucker and let's go!"

He said, "My, aren't we agressive.."

Damn right, and I'm also perceptive

I know your kind, you roam around the fuckin town

You wanna slap it, flip it, and rub it down

You want some booty but you're gettin none this way

You better ask Suzy Sally or that girl Fay

You gets NONE, you hear me you cheesy rat?

Because I'm Lyte, and I'm havin NONE of that

Chorus: MC Lyte

I'm all that, yes I'm all that

You ask how? I'm all that now

I'm all of that, yes I'm all that

And rollin through your hood with a BASEBALL bat

[MC Lyte]

First I head out, into the red-eyed

Turn the AC, so it feels cool inside

Step in the jam, baring good news

Although for some folks, I bring the blues

Always solo, no relyin on a posse

I see what you see, do you see what I see?

I see suckers, many pucker-uppers

ASS-kissers, as well as buttlickers

Many many that will do me good and plenty

Don't know me from Adam, but wanna get with me

Claimin they will do or have done or have did me

Talkin that yang, your ass'll get SLAPPED

Because I'm Lyte and I'm havin NONE of that


[MC Lyte]

That!! That!!

[answering machine]

Aiyyo Milk, aiyyo Milk, this is Teddy B

Yo I just checked out Lyte's new cut (That!! That!!)

and yo it's ALL THAT, ALL THAT

Yo I get with you, peace!

[MC Lyte]

Back, way back when, shit wasn't funny

I'm talkin L-Q days, your gold and your money

If you wore gold, the shit was gettin taken

Hard rocks, don't even bother fakin

Cause they can sense a sucker as SOON as they saw ya

And oh well, how I felt sorry for the

razor in my pocket, for my protection

Blackjack in my bag for a little selection

You got beef? BITCH, chose your weapon

I sliced and diced, and then I kept steppin

For me to go for that woulda just been wack

because I'm Lyte, and I'm havin NONE of that


[answering machine]

(That!! That!!)

Yo yo, yo Lyte, you there?

(That!! That!!)

Alright I just called to see if you was still shittin on wax

Yo and DON'T make that shit soft alright?


Alright when you get in just give me a buzz

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