Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan - We Are Snowmen

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Darling take my hand

This ride is getting rough

And there's no talk of

Trouble ceasing

I want you in my arms

They're sounding the alarms

And no one knows if

We've seen the worst yet

Sometimes I close my eyes

And hum the songs we loved

Your dress was blue and you

Were as bright as Christmas

And down through all the streets

The air was cool and sweet

And all we knew was brief

But seemed eternal

The cathedrals and the banks

The stones we throw at tanks

The endless war of man

Verses himself

The traffic night and day

The things we try and say

The growing din of

Human wreckage

It started simple enough

Day broke and we woke up

To the morning news and

The smell of coffee

I loved you with my mind

I gave you all my time

And then things got sublime

We are snowmen

We disappear

Our hearts are nuclear

With hope and fear

Hope and fear

Hope and fear

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