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Master P - Da Last Don lyrics

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Good Day America this is Mr. No Limit

So you want to get rid of gansta rap

but what if gansta rap gets rid of you

how'd you like them apples

you want your kids to grow up listenin' to good american music

but they don't want that they want that bout it bout it shit

you always point the finger at the bad guy

but what if the bad guy points the finger at you

fuck the politcians the media and the government

the fucking world was built on production

if it wasn't for people like me and my reality music

you couldn't pay for a meal

I'm tired of you fucking hustlers following me around

tapping my phone and over taxing my money

you know what a hustler is

its a pig that don't fly straight

but its ok (its ok)

when you finish listening to this tape

it'll be the last time you hear a bad guy like me

so fuck you cockaroaches sincerely yours the last don

Master P The Last Don

[Master P]

I made millions from raps I couldn't die in scraps

No Limit niggas we strapped thug niggas bust caps

I live the life of a rider lost at heart

I played the pieces to the puzzle but they tore me apart

I went to jail for shit I didn't do

niggas banged at my motherfuckin' crew

we retaliated now we killers (Ughhhhhh)

niggas slang ghetto dope tapes but we drug dealers

ain't that a bitch a nigga tryin' make it

change by society but these fools tryin' take me

they want you dead or locked up smokin' or rocked up

walkin' the blocked up down or cocked up

In the bayou haters six feet deep it could be you or me

your girl or your homey

cause life has no time but keep your eyes on your enemies

that's one that's grown from the Last Don

he took the kiss of death so I could be The Last Don (4X)

2Pac, Biggie Smalls, My little Brother Kevin Miller

they all took the kiss of death so I could be the last don

real niggas and bitches out there feel my pain

feel my pain its real out here

ain't no such thing as uh.. you can't change your life

you can't do what you wanna do

a coward dies a million deaths but a solider only dies once

so all ya niggas out there in the hood tryin' feed your families

get what you gotta get and get out nigga get your shit together

and if you hustlin' hustle for a cause nigga

don't believe in nobody but your motherfuckin' self

cause money's the root of all evil

we done lost alot of soldiers behind them dollars

that's one to grow on nigga from the last Dizon you heard me?

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