MARS ILL - Try Again

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We fly the pen like a pilot when it's time to begin

Fight to win with the power that makes the sky bend

We got to end to make room for the Christ to begin

If it ain't dope enough then, yo, got to try again.


I get you up like Vivarin, an unpredictable trend

Many men remain content with where the needle has been

In an elliptical spin of people dying in sin

We realize to reap our talents lies in trying again

So I don't try to pretend that I'm phatter than him

I just make heads come apart like a detachable limb

And carry on like I'm collapsible overhead in your plane

Holding titles for collateral, leaving cats with no name

Line them up like cocaine and light them like propane

While they're profane, we rock from Florida to Spokane

Washington, I've watched them rock to kicks, snares and rim shots

They think their junk is tight when it's loose like slip knots

Yo, but I can't trip, AK, cuz everybody can change

They could flip their whole persona ala Shirley McClain

But we aim for the heavenlies and try to tame the 7 seas

Because when you claim the Trinity, you'd better shoot for the stars

Battle scars and open wounds from open mics that I've closed

Open minds and open doors for all my brothers in prose

I send cerebral celebrations with my mic and my pen

If you don't get it, kid you guessed it, I'ma try it again


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