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I've been looking for love all my life

Ever since the time, it's seem like easy to find, yeah

But it was so hard, so hard, oh Lord

Now all these years, searching in the dark

Feel so far away, cause you've sparked up a light

So let's make it right, give me more, gimme more


I feel the sun of your love

Let it shine on me!

I see the smile in your eyes

Let it shine on me!

I need a light in my life

Let it shine on me!

Let it shine, shine, on me

(verse 2)

Ain't it funny now? I couldn't hear

The sound of love, although you've been so near

Yeah, so close to me, yeah! Yeah...

But we are here and I'm ready now

I believe, I have no doubt

This is real, this love I've found

Makes me high, makes me free, let it shine on me!


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